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Image courtesy: Ujjwal Aggarwal

History of Cotton

600 BC
World History: Buddhism was formed and the first grammar (in Sanskrit) was introduced.
Cotton History: Rig Veda was written with categorical mention about growth and use of cotton in India.

326 BC
World History: Alexander the Great reached the northwestern frontier of India, his final conquest.
Cotton History: Cotton traveled to Europe and Mediterranean regions with Alexander’s soldiers.

200 AD
World History: The Mayan civilization was formed.
Cotton History: India started trading cotton to the Parthians and Chinese as luxury item.

220 AD
World History: Rome received its first foreign delegation from India.
Cotton History: Cotton cultivation was promoted by Han dynasty in China.

500 AD
World History: The legend of King Arthur was born.
Cotton History: Turkmenistan started cotton farming.

1200 AD
World History: The Mongols were defeated in China.
Cotton History: Mongols encouraged people to grow cotton. Marco Polo mentions cotton as an important product from Persia in his journal.

World History: Columbus discovered America.
Cotton History: Italians started to produce cotton for themselves in cities like Genoa and other north Italian cities.

World History: Copernicus claimed that the sun is at the center of the solar system rather than the earth.
Cotton History: Spanish conquest of Mexico introduced them to cotton.

World History: The construction of the Taj Mahal commenced.
Cotton History: Persian cotton farming expanded.

World History: St. Petersburg in Russia was founded.
Cotton History: British Empire banned import and manufacture of clothes made of cotton.

World History: England invaded Egypt.
Cotton History: Cotton looms were mechanized.

World History: Anesthesia was used in a medical procedure for the first time.
Cotton History: America replaced India as the primary source for cotton in the world.

World History: John.F. Kennedy became the president of United States of America.
Cotton History: Employment opportunity fell in cotton industry as machines started replacing people.

World History: The best selling computer game was released, PAC-MAN.
Cotton History: Africa’s share in cotton doubled in the world trade.

World History: LTTE was defeated in Sri Lanka by the government forces.
Cotton History: Cotton trade crossed the $10 Billion annual figure.

World History: China overtakes US as world's biggest grocery market.
Cotton History: China is the world’s largest cotton producer, consumer and importer.