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SPRING SUMMER 2014 - Josh Goraya

SS14 Josh Goraya
Emotion is the center of the creative process for SS*2014. The collection is an effort to push the connection between conceit and the natural world, and try to explore the boundaries as an artist in it too. Josh is stirred by the contradiction between vanity and the natural human body formation. How one tries to go against the rules of nature and try to bend it, manipulate it - a strong linking dynamic between men and women which makes them no different from each other.
As a metaphor, he has exploited the scheme of shaving razor to illustrate visually this metamorphosis. This explains the name ALTER NATURE. Keeping a universal theme that can move a wider audience than just either men or women, he removed all theories and rules, made abstraction of silhouettes, volume and prints, and stepped away from pre-notions to make the story more fresh, vivid and sports inspired.